Real Trees


Real Trees is an addon that allows you to easily add realistic tree models in your scene

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- Added Low Poly models
- Added normal maps to the High Poly models


- 8GB of RAM

- medium end CPU


- 16GB of RAM

- high end CPU

Standard Royalty Free

You, the purchaser can use the product for personal, educational or commercial uses but: You can’t resell, redistribute, or repackage the purchased product without explicit permission from the author, You can't use the purchased product in a logo, watermark, or trademark of any kind except if it is a shader, a material or a texture.

Real Trees is an addon that allows you to easily create forest and nature scenes. It contains 20 models of the most common trees in the world. You can use the High poly models for extreme close up scenes, while the Low poly models can be used to create forest scenes.


Double sided leaves
so that you get much more realistic leaves from the 4K textures

Up to 6K textures
so that you get all the detail in close up scenes

High and low poly models
ready to use models both for close up and big forest scenes


American Beech

American Elm

American Larch



Black Oak

Black Walnut


Eastern Cottonwood

Eastern Hemlock

Eastern White Pine


Pin Cherry

Quaking Aspen

Red Maple

Red Spruce

Silver Birch



White Spruce